We are privileged to work across both the public and private sector including many companies in the FTSE 100 & 250 and Fortune 1000.

From its foundation in 2014 by adventurers, entrepreneurs and speakers Debra Searle and Hayley Barnard, Mix Diversity has grown to be one of the most respected and sought-after Diversity & Inclusion consultancies in the world.

Built from expert communicators and facilitators with lived experience, the Mix team is uniquely placed to help people shift their perceptions and foster real change. There are no box-tickers here: we put real thought into what we do – creating usable, bespoke DEI solutions that actually make a difference.

The Mix Approach.

We approach everything we do with enthusiasm and passion because we believe giving everyone a seat at the table is our responsibility. All our work, from training shop-floor staff to presenting to your board of directors, is designed on four key principles:

Spark change

We spark change in the right places, making sure it sticks. We make it in two places – within leadership and on a personal level. We work with these two variables to ensure we make the biggest impact possible.

This means that our message hits home and provides people the motivation to change at work and in their daily lives. We also help smooth transitions for leaders, ensuring they’re able to focus on what’s important.

Candid but kind

The work we do is sensitive, because bringing people face-to-face with their bias and privilege can be challenging. Showing people a side of themselves they didn’t realise was there, and giving them the space to come to terms with it, requires clear communication and understanding.

We hold kindness and fun in high regard because they help us instil comfort and bring down walls. We call it ‘candid but kind’: we’ll show you your blind spots and what to do about it in no uncertain terms, but we’ll walk the journey with you, and help you overcome it. You’re here to do the right thing, and we’re here to help.

Everything DEI

It feels like the world is changing faster than ever before. People see themselves and their workplaces differently, raising new questions around who we should be and what is and isn’t acceptable.

We help companies navigate this ever-changing world to meet their diversity and culture goals. We never drop the ball, no matter what clients throw our way. Whether it’s a talk or training, or something bespoke that’s never been done before – we’re ready to build it with you.

If it falls under DEI, we have a solution for you.

This is personal.
Making workplaces better for everyone is a responsibility that Mix takes very seriously.

Each project is guided, not only by expert knowledge and experience, but by our passion to help people feel that they belong, that they can give their best and be noticed.

Diversity and Inclusion is a daily endeavour, not a once-a-year update, so we’ll continue to offer advice, updates, and perspective to help you make the changes you need to build a better workplace. From the simple stuff, like wording an email, to bigger things, like your recruitment process.

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Wherever you are on your inclusivity journey, Mix can help get you where you want to go. Get in touch to find out more.

Thought leadership

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