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It’s well known that a diverse and inclusive workforce is good for business. And, with stories on anti-racism, trans rights, and gender (im)balance hitting headlines daily, Boards and Executive Leadership teams need to be more prepared than ever to speak and act on these highly sensitive and important issues.

We know that Diversity, Equality and Inclusion can be daunting topics. Our board level briefings are designed to inform, equip, challenge and support leaders as they set the direction for their organisation.

What you’ll get

Mix board level briefings begin with a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s current DEI landscape. We present detailed, data-driven insights that highlight workforce demographics, pay equity, representation across various levels, and employee sentiment. By providing a clear picture of where your organisation stands, we help leaders understand the specific challenges and opportunities they face. This data-driven approach ensures that discussions are grounded in reality and focused on measurable outcomes.

We then collaborate with board members and senior leaders to set specific, measurable DEI goals that align with your organisation’s overall strategic objectives. This alignment ensures that DEI initiatives are not seen as separate or peripheral but are, instead, integrated into the core mission and vision of the organisation. Clear, strategic goals provide a roadmap for action and a basis for accountability, driving sustained progress over time.

To ensure lasting impact, Mix will help establish frameworks for continuous monitoring and accountability. This includes setting up regular reporting mechanisms, progress updates, and feedback loops. By keeping DEI efforts transparent and measurable, leaders can track progress, make informed decisions, and adjust strategies as needed. We’ve found that regular monitoring ensures DEI remains a dynamic and evolving priority, responsive to new challenges and opportunities.

Mix worked with us to understand our challenges and helped us shape the session so we managed to effectively change our conversation around diversity and inclusion.
David Bryson
Chief Operating Officer
The Women’s Arctic Challenge was a radical approach to promote and inspire gender diversity and put the career development of women at the forefront of our minds. The all-female LeasePlan UK team have not only been an inspiration within LeasePlan but have inspired the many thousands of people who have followed their journey via social media.
Nick Salkeld
CCO, LeasePlan Corporation N.V.
Many thanks for the very insightful and valuable workshop that you presented to the Board.
Dr Rohan Chauhan
Trust Inclusion Lead


of global jobseekers expect CEOs to speak publicly about social and political issues
2022 Edelman Trust Barometer


of people managers say their company recognises DEI in performance reviews.
McKinsey & Company, 2023


increased likelihood of ethnically diverse companies financially outperforming competitors
McKinsey & Company, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

A DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) board level briefing is a specialised presentation and discussion session designed for the organisation’s board of directors or senior leaders. It aims to educate board members on the importance of DEI, provide insights into the current state of DEI within the organisation, and outline strategic initiatives and goals to enhance DEI practices. These briefings help ensure that DEI remains a priority at the highest levels of decision-making and governance.

We make sure every Mix briefing is packed full of evidence-based, robust recommendations, typically covering these topics:

  • The business case for Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace.
  • Unconscious bias and how might it be affecting your leadership.
  • The impact of bias in a corporate environment.
  • What other companies are doing in relation to diversity and inclusion.
  • Where to focus resources first to have the greatest impact.
  • How to structure the management and monitoring of a D&I programme.
  • How to communicate D&I messages to all staff so that they get on board.
  • Gender balance – why and how (without alienating the male population).
  • Why some inclusion change programmes fail – pitfalls to avoid.

The frequency of DEI board level briefings is normally governed by the regularity with which your board meet and their set agenda items. If DEI becomes a standing agenda item then fantastic! If not then we recommend checking in at least every 2 years (ideally every 1 year) to help maintain momentum and ensure accountability.

Mix’s board level briefings provide comprehensive, data-driven insights into the organisation’s current DEI status. This includes detailed analysis of workforce demographics, pay equity, representation across levels, and employee sentiment. By presenting this clear, objective data, we help the board understand the scope and impact of DEI issues.

We then work with the board to set specific, measurable DEI goals that are aligned with the organisation’s broader strategic objectives. This ensures that DEI efforts are not siloed but integrated into the company’s overall mission and vision, enhancing their relevance and impact.

Our actionable recommendations will be tailored to your organisation’s unique context, but may include revising recruitment practices, implementing equitable pay policies, and developing inclusive leadership programs. All our recommendations are designed to be practical and achievable, ensuring they can be effectively implemented.

Finally, to maintain momentum and ensure sustained progress, Mix will establish a framework for continuous monitoring and accountability. This includes regular reporting on DEI metrics, progress updates, and feedback loops. By keeping DEI efforts transparent and measurable, the board can track progress and make informed decisions.

We provide training for C-Suite executives, board members and leaders on a everything DEI. Contact our team to find out more.  

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