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At Mix, we understand that Diversity and Unconscious Bias can sometimes be a bit of a dry subject – that’s why storytelling is an integral part of our offering.

We work alongside clients, becoming a part of their journey towards equality. Every organisation has a different starting point and a different story to tell – some are just beginning to recognise how biases and stereotypes are embedded in their business structure, whilst others are well on their way, with great flexible working policies, mentoring programmes and support networks for their employees.

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Client Stories: Leaseplan.

The automotive industry is known for being male dominated but LeasePlan, a fleet services company, had an employee base which was already 53% female. They approached MIX saying that they wanted to go further, to really make a statement about how much they believed in the women in their organisation and beyond.

We proposed what became the LeasePlan Women’s Arctic Challenge, a radical project which took 12 ordinary female office workers from the UK on a 100km ski expedition in the Arctic Circle, facing temperatures well below minus 30 degrees.

"The Women’s Arctic Challenge was a radical approach to promote and inspire gender diversity and put the career development of women at the forefront of our minds. The all-female LeasePlan UK team have not only been an inspiration within LeasePlan but have inspired the many thousands of people who have followed their journey via social media."
Nick Salkeld
CCO, LeasePlan Corporation N.V.
"I've been astounded by the changes that some of the women in the team have gone though during this process. And it's not just about this group of women - it's about the impact they've had on their colleagues, their friends and family"
Debra Searle
Expedition leader
"Everyone found it hard and everyone had moments where, if there had been the option to get out of there, they would have taken that option. But amazingly, we all pulled together and pulled through and we were all still there at the end."
Samantha Carlin
Commercial Solicitor & Participant

Did it make a difference?


of LeasePlan’s female employees applied for a place on the team, with 100% stating that even the application process had made them think and act differently


stated they had engaged in a conversation about gender balance as a result of the challenge


people interacted with the team’s social media campaign. The project provided a captivating internal communications platform - a new story - on which to hang a number of important messages around unconscious bias, inclusion and gender balance.

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