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Designed and delivered by global DEI specialists, our DEI workshops cover a range of topics, from understanding privilege and bias to creating inclusive hiring practices and building a culture of respect and belonging. We’ll work closely with you to tailor each workshop to your organisation’s specific needs and goals, ensuring that participants leave with actionable strategies and tools to implement in their day-to-day work.

DEI is a continuous process of growth and learning, not a box-ticking exercise. Our unique blend of storytelling, positive role models and case studies provide a foundation for lasting behaviour change, helping participants to build the skills and awareness necessary to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of their work. Much of the wisdom will already be in the room and it’s likely your teams are already demonstrating inclusive behaviours in their day-to-day without even knowing it. By giving people the space to reflect and chat, we identify just how achievable true inclusion is.

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Workshops for wherever you are on your DEI journey

Many thanks for the very insightful and valuable workshop that you presented to the Board.
Dr Rohan Chauhan
Trust Inclusion Lead
The Women’s Arctic Challenge was a radical approach to promote and inspire gender diversity and put the career development of women at the forefront of our minds. The all-female LeasePlan UK team have not only been an inspiration within LeasePlan but have inspired the many thousands of people who have followed their journey via social media.
Nick Salkeld
CCO, LeasePlan Corporation N.V.
So good was the work Hayley did for us that I did not hesitate to recommend her to a number of other companies.
Claire Parker
Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager


of learners would recommend our training to a colleague


of global jobseekers have turned down or decided not to pursue a job opportunity because of a perceived lack of inclusion
McKinsey & Company, 2020


of learners felt "very confident" or "confident" to be actively inclusive after Mix training, compared with just 34% before training

Frequently Asked Questions

A DEI workshop is a facilitated session or series of sessions designed to educate, engage, and empower participants on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These workshops provide a safe space for dialogue, reflection, and learning, helping organisations build a more inclusive culture. Benefits include:

  •  Increased employee morale and engagement by creating a sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Emphasis on getting people up and active through discussions, group activities and more. A workshop always ends with us asking learners to identify an action plan of what they will do differently when they are back at work
  • Improved communication and collaboration among team members from different backgrounds
  •  Enhanced productivity and innovation by fostering a diverse range of perspectives and ideas
  •  The tools to enable your organisation to attract and retain diverse talent

Our DEI workshops will vary according to your individual organisation’s needs, but we typically cover the following themes:

  • Understanding unconscious bias and its impact on decision-making.
  • Building cultural competence and awareness of diverse perspectives.
  • Fostering inclusive leadership and team dynamics.
  • Addressing microaggressions and promoting allyship in the workplace.
  • Creating equitable hiring and promotion practices.
  • Developing strategies for building inclusive workplace cultures.

Mix DEI workshops are beneficial for employees at all levels of the organisation, from frontline staff to senior leadership. In addition to regular employees, managers, supervisors, and HR professionals can benefit from specialised workshops tailored to their roles and responsibilities.

The duration and format of Mix DEI workshops can vary depending on your organisation’s needs and preferences. Workshops can range from a half-day session to multiple days of training, either in-person or virtual. Our workshops are highly interactive and participatory, incorporating a mix of presentations, group discussions, case studies, and experiential learning activities to engage participants and promote meaningful dialogue.

Mix uses a variety of methods to evaluate the effectiveness of our DEI workshops, including participant feedback surveys, pre- and post-workshop assessments, and follow-up interviews or focus groups. These evaluations help us gauge participants’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours related to DEI topics and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, we track outcomes such as increased diversity awareness, improved communication and collaboration, and tangible changes in organisational practices or policies as indicators of success.

Talk to our team about what you need

Workshops for wherever you are on your DEI journey

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