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Available exclusively from Mix, MixLEARN is our response to the call for impactful, always-up-to-date DEI training designed and delivered by real experts. Packing decades of DEI consultancy experience into off-the-shelf, premium learning content, it gives you access to the DEI information and tools you need, on-demand.

Most online DEI training fails. It fails because it lacks personal relevance and accountability, relies on passive learning and doesn’t contextualise complex DEI topics. This leads to disengagement, information overwhelm and a perception that the training is not applicable or relevant.

MixLEARN works because it’s delivered using our own tools, proven over multiple scenarios to foster meaningful change. The unique design allows learners to critically analyse their own beliefs and behaviours, to self-serve the training they need and gain confidence in topics they may not be familiar with.

We created MixLEARN as an alternative to the generic courses on mainstream learning platforms, so you won’t find our content on Udemy or LinkedIn: we’re not interested in surface-level DEI learning and we know you’re not, either.

What you’ll get

Learn about every aspect of DEI, through one off videos to in-depth pathways.

Because we live, work and breathe DEI on a daily basis, you can be confident the MixLEARN programmes are based on the very latest research and delivered using our own tools, proven over multiple scenarios to foster meaningful change. Our experience means we understand why a lot of DEI Training fails, and exactly what to do to make it work.

Every module incorporates interactive elements, opportunities for discussion, real-world case studies and social, cultural, and historical context for deeper learning.

  •  Designed and delivered by renowned DEI experts and thought leaders
  •  Interactive training content focused on impact and culture-change, not passive learning
  •  Constantly evolving and growing library, so you can be certain of accurate, up to date content based on current DEI best practice
  •  Ongoing support and follow-up to foster lasting change
  •  Integrates seamlessly with your LMS and is usable on any device for flexible learning
  •  The most comprehensive online range of DEI courses, micro-learnings and bite-sized videos available, providing quick reference guides and modular, in-depth learning for your whole organisation

DEI Learning Library.

Because learning opportunities should be as diverse as the learners

The content library offers a comprehensive range of courses, micro-learnings and bite-sized videos, including firm favourites such as unconscious bias, inclusive recruitment, anti-racism, LGBTQ+ Allyship and inclusive language to short learnings on topics like pronouns. Why? Because we believe the learning opportunities should be as diverse as the learners. Your people can self-serve the training they need, gaining confidence in topics they may not be familiar with.


of learners would recommend our training to a colleague


of learners felt "very confident" or "confident" to be actively inclusive after Mix training, compared with 34% before training


of consumers buy or advocate for brands based on their beliefs and values
2022 Edelman Trust Barometer

Frequently Asked Questions

MixLEARN grew out of a market need for more nuanced DEI training and, honestly, our frustration at the quality of DEI learning that was available. Clients have told us time and time again that their online DEI training wasn’t good enough – it’s often condescending or over-simplified, and can be very USA-centric.

DEI is a complex and always evolving arena; we thought it was time for a platform purely focused on DEI that offers specialist learning solutions – that’s why we’ve chosen to use video with experts with real lived experience. We’ve also designed the learning with a global audience in mind and cover a swathe of DEI topics rather than just the basics (although we do those too!).

MixLEARN’s library of courses and bite-size learning videos can be delivered using your organisation’s own LMS, or through our MixLEARN website.

Our modular courses cover a range of topics as diverse as your people. Your staff can move past the DEI basics and self-serve the topics they need upskilling in, knowing they will always be learning from experts sharing lived-experience. For leaders and C-suite, our specially designed leadership pathway cuts through the noise, with industry-leading experts delivering the most essential DEI messages in a concise and adult-to-adult approach.

Our full MixLEARN package provides you with a roadmap for the year, recommending
bitesize videos and modular courses linked to the DEI calendar, helping you create a
shared understanding and language around DEI in your workplace. Just one topic in
mind? We can help with that too with a topic bundle.

Mix have been trusted to create bespoke digital learning for some of the best-known brands in the world. If you’d like to discuss a tailored DEI learning for your organisation, please get in touch.

Online DEI training that works

MixLEARN is available for your own LMS or via our learning platform. To request a demo or for more information, get in touch.

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